sphinxcontrib-disqus 1.1.0

Add Disqus comments to your Sphinx documents.

sphinxcontrib-disqus provides a disqus directive to be used in documents. It automatically adds the Javascript needed by Disqus. A working example is shown at the bottom of this page.


When generating Sphinx documents locally and browsing to a file:// URL, comments won’t load. This is because the second batch of Javascript code downloaded by Disqus matches the same protocol the browser is using to visit the page you’re on (in this case it’s file://). For security reasons Javascript doesn’t load from file://, only http:// or https://.

A simple workaround when you’re writing docs locally (this isn’t an issue once you host your documentation on a web server or service such as Read the Docs) is to view your HTML files through a simple web server. You can fire one up easily running these commands (tested on OS X) after building your HTML files:

  1. cd docs/_build/html
  2. python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
  3. Browse to http://localhost:8080/